Hangin’ In There Kitten: Quitters Never Win

Although we men are the reason that all things machismo exist in the universe, Darwinian exploits have snuck into other beings in their effort to match us on the evolutionary scale of awesomeness.

Maybe the Kodiak Bear is just trying to not get left in just a cloud of progressive dust as we humans race towards the finish line of total world dominance in order to claim sweet victory over all other species.

Or maybe that Saber tooth Tiger is feeling a little lucky and he wants to test his wrestling skills at the top of the elemental mountain so he can steal our crown.

Whatever the case, one of our duties as King of the Jungle is to give recognition where it is due. Although they will never take our #1 spot as supreme masters of the savage land we must appreciate their attempts nonetheless. Their efforts to retain some semblance of our fearlessness are tiny examples of the monumental accomplishments we burn through each day. And for those efforts we salute them.

Today we present: The Hangin’ In There Kitten. This feral creature perpetually says to the world, “Bring It On. I Can Take It”.

His razor sharp claws grip into that frail bark with ferocity while his tiny feet dangle in the open air, the abyss of failure awaiting him miles below.

Does he quit?


This feline of defiance emulates Man with fantastical flattery by simply “hangin’ in there”. Not only does he accomplish such a hardship without breaking a sweat but he also has the audacity to look cute while doing it!

The only way this kitten could be more manly is if he injected testosterone into his tiny cat body while eating a steak and growing a sweet ‘stache! Too bad I already beat him to it and accomplished all 3 last Tuesday. Better luck next time, pussy. Oh well. Just keep hangin’ in there.

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03 2010

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