After breaking the record for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in only 1 hour, travelling back in time to my birth to deliver my own infant self, and ghostwriting the American Constitution I toured the world giving motivational speeches to captains of industry who desire my words of wisdom. I currently reside in the 5th Dimension where I will soon disprove Einstein’s theory of relativity while simultaneously proving his “debunked” theory of cold fusion.

As for this blog, well, it is for all things Manly.

To idealize and pontificate the glorious attributes of mankind’s conquering, inventing, and awe-inspiring nature that he exhibits with great machismo while sporting a burly throng of chest hair and chiseled abs.

Can Man do no wrong?

Man can do ANYTHING!

But even when he does that, he does it right.

Got it, wimp?

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    in my head was your voice reciting and emphasizing all of these words.
    i love this.


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